Welcome, Brothers and Sisters!

Have you ever wished that you could type a very specific query into a search engine and get exactly the answer to your question? Well, we have, and we decided to make that dream come true, even if for a small group of people.

It all started when I was looking for a shirt that would make me look more muscular. I’m not ashamed of my body nor I was in desperate need for a shirt like that, but, nevertheless, I was curious what kind of shirts would satisfy this secret desire of mine. Prior to searching, I didn’t think of v-necks, tank tops or slim fit shirts, I simply didn’t know their names. I had to consult with a friend who knows a thing or two about fashion and then search through pages of products looking for a vaguely described product.

And then I had the bright idea: wouldn’t it be great if someone would have done all of the research for me? If someone would have already put effort into answering the exact style question that I’m having?

And then my inner superhero said: “If you won’t do it, then nobody will”.

And that’s how Backbone Brothers were born. Researching for all of the weird stuff people are searching for, and giving them exactly the answer they’re looking for. Chances are, that’s how you got here, too.


The Chic Fashionista

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