4 Confusing Socks That Look Like Shoes

4 Confusing Socks That Look Like Shoes

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Shoes aren’t really a choice. You have to wear shoes to work, to the store, to a restaurant, to anywhere public really. The kind of shoe you wear however is always a choice.

Some people focus on style, whereas others focus on price and others on comfort. Unfortunately it’s very rare to find an affordable, stylish, and comfortable pair of shoes. It would be so much easier to be able to just walk around in your socks like you do at home. That would be super comfy, right? Well lucky for you there is a company that decided to make it so you can wear shoes that are as comfortable as your socks. They are called sock shoes created by Nike. And they have become very popular.

Basically it’s a shoe that has a knitted upper half that according to the advertising “feels like a sock”. There are even socks that look like shoes. Although I don’t know if I would walk outside with just these on.

In this article I have listed for your convenience some different designs of the shoe socks, the level of attention you’d receive, the message you’re sending, where to find them and the price.

Here are some of our top picks:

1.Socks that Look like shoes by Angel’s Lifestyle Product

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Have fun strolling around town with these bright blue sneaker socks. They replicate converse high tops and reach to mid-calf. You can actually reach sneaker-ception if you pair them with some actual sneakers. This could really be a cute Christmas gift for family!

Level of attention: Medium    Message: I’m a fun, whimsical dude that embraces his inner child    Price: Super affordable    Seller: Angels Lifestyle Products via Amazon.

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2. Sandals Socks by LaughMart

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Want to take the whimsical feeling to another level? Try these socks that look as if you were wearing sandals with socks. Celebrate one of the worst fashion faux-pas and have a good laugh, or surprise yourself and *actually* wear them every chance you get!

Level of attention: High    Message: I’m a dad-joke waiting to happen. Try me!    Price: Less than you would expect!    Seller: LaughMart via Amazon.

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3. Novelty ballerina Socks by Bits and Pieces

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Embrace your childhood dream and feel like a graceful ballerina even after all these years! These bright pink socks will express your individuality while you practice your plies or, you know, just lounge around the house. These could be a great gift for that friend that likes to go out every Friday night.

Level of Attention: Super high    Message: This was a joke, but I embraced it    Price: Average for a pair of socks    Seller: Bits and pieces via Amazon

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4. Flip flop socks by Living Royals

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Want to take this trend up a notch? Take it to the max with this attention-grabbing pair, featuring a super pink flip-flop with matching painted toe-nails. It even comes in two different shades of “skin”, so you can really match it to you or your friends. Be prepared for the stares and the never-ending giggles.

Level of attention: Extreme    Message: I’m either a fifteen-year-old or a guy that doesn’t take himself seriously, take your pick!    Price: There are somethings money can’t buy. These are priceless    Seller: Maxton & Co via Amazon.

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