3 Chameleon Ties That Change Color

3 Chameleon Ties That Change Color

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Ties used to be only for business. They were normal and considered to be warn to demonstrate your seriousness. Now ties are considered more like jewelry. They are decoration without any practical purpose that is appropriate in an office space. For that reason, they should be interesting, fun, pretty, interesting, etc.

They should demonstrate who you are. Anyway treat your tie like it’s the decoration that it is. For example, there are ties with fun designs, bright colors, lights, even music, but what I’m here to talk about are ties that change colors. They’re not like mood rings, but they’re still pretty cool. Usually operated by LED technology, they can be turned on and off manually. Some of these ties react to sound or music.

You can imagine that these ties would be great for parties and clubbing. I do however have a word of warning: if you don’t want to be the center of attention then I wouldn’t recommend wearing these ties. In this article, I have listed the three different kinds of color changing ties available along with my opinion on how much attention you’d receive, the message you’d send, the price, and where you can find them.

  • You can’t hide, so don’t even try. Color changing and music activated ties are not designed to fit it. If you are going to wear a tie that changes to your mood and your environment, you have to be prepared to be the center of attention all of the time.
  • It’s great for parties. Being the life of a party is definitely one of the side effects of a color changing tie. Trying to blend in at a formal seminar with a tie that flashes every time that someone speaks may not be the best idea. But there is always the off-switch when you need to turn chameleon fast.
  • A true chameleon. Though most ties that change color offers only the options ‘on’ and ‘off’, you may be lucky enough to find a true color changing tie such as our number one choice, the HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Tie. These ties allow you to select the color of your tie from one of 7 options. Truly color changing ties are a little harder to find but they are absolutely worth the effort and the expense when it comes to the wow-effect.

3. Music Activated Illuminated Necktie

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Why go plain black when you can add color to the world? This plain black tie can be turned on to change color whenever the music goes on. The sound activated LED tie can be adjusted to be more or less sound sensitive, depending on how you feel. 

Level of attention: Very high. Message: I am cool like that. Price: About double the price of an average tie. Seller: RaveStyle via Amazon

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2. Sound And Music Activated Light Up Necktie

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Fun, light, color! This black tie can be switched on to show it’s bright and colorful pattern whenever you are in the mood for change. You can wear fun around your neck and be the center of the party with the flick of a switch.

Level of attention: Right up there with the lights and the music of the party. Message: I invented fun and I am the life of the party. Price: Higher than average but still affordable. Seller: WDCS El via Amazon

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1. HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Tie

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Seriously changing color according to your mood: A fiber optic tie that is white when it is switched off but can light up into your choice of 7 colors. Do I hear ‘chameleon’?

Level of attention: Was there even anyone else in the room? Message: I am from another galaxy. If you want to join my world, you better shine up. Price: Pricey but absolutely worth it. Seller: EMDPlug via Amazon

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