6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

Looking for a shirt that would showcase your cleavage but wouldn't compromise your overall style? Read on.

Shirts That Show Cleavage

So, you’re going out tonight and you’re and the only thing missing in your wardrobe is that sexy piece of clothing that will make all eyes to turn to you? Well, a simple but well-fitting shirt that has a cleavage can be an ideal solution for you. Here are a few main points while wearing shirts that show off cleavage:

  • A bigger cleavage is not better. We, men, like clothes that emphasize your womanly curves, but when it’s too much, it’s too much. A small/moderate sized cleavage tells us that you’re in a good mood tonight, you’d like to be approached and are open for conversation. A huge cleavage that leaves us no choice but to stare at your tits makes us feel uncomfortable and passes the message that you’re quite desperate to get in bed with someone tonight. Not sexy.
  • Make sure cleavage looks good on you. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all perfectly beautiful in their own ways. However, it would be a mistake to think that wearing a shirt with a cleavage will necessarily make you look good. The whole point of your wardrobe is to emphasize the beautiful parts of your body and hide the lacking ones. If you feel like your breasts is your biggest weapon, go ahead and wear a cleavage. If not, you might want to focus on other parts of your body.
  • Make your cleavage subtle. There are ways to show off your beautiful chest without exposing too much and compromising your overall style. Men don’t like when they can see everything you have and there’s nothing left for imagination. Give their minds something to wander about.

Keeping those tips in mind, let’s dive into the shopping scene and see what’s currently on supply:

6. The Casual Hippie Shirt by Lucky Brand91iSKeTWNBL. UY500  - 6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

Perfect for young women with smaller breasts. Shows that you’re looking to have some fun tonight, but you’re still a little young, a little innocent, a little insecure. A very passive and safe way to show off your body. A shirt like that won’t catch every guy’s eye, but it might just catch the eye of the right one. An excellent choice for heated summer nights.

Level of attention: Moderate  Message: I’m here with my friends, but if you’re a nice guy, you can talk to me   Price: $59.50   Seller: Lucky Brand via Amazon.com

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5. The Businesswoman Shirt by BCBGeneration81KRCBpRi1L. UY500  - 6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

A much more aggressive approach to cleavage, but not over the top yet. A shirt like that delivers a message that you’re serious about getting to know somebody tonight, and will cease the opportunity if one arises. The shirt also has a nice touch of elegance about it, and the structured cleavage shows just enough to make us beg for more. A perfect choice when hitting the club.

Level of attention: Lots   Message: I’m cool and I’m single. Come talk to me if you’re brave enough.    Price: $58.00    Seller: BCBGeneration via Amazon.com

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4. The Day Off Shirt by Chaser 81Yad07k7ML. UY500  - 6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

A laid back choice for those who don’t have a strict agenda. You probably wouldn’t wear a shirt like that for a night out, but it’s a perfect choice for those sunny travel days – a shirt like that will keep you cool and comfy. However, you’re not exactly hiding your sexiness with this piece of clothing. Perfect for that sweaty Lara Croft look.

Level of attention: Alright  Message: I’m having an excellent day off    Price: $51.00    Seller: Chaser via Amazon.com

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3. The Single Shoulder Shirt by Monrow9120B4nFqvL. UY500  - 6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

Not exactly a cleavage option, but serves a similar purpose. Can be used for both casual everyday wear and going out. This single-shoulder sleeveless tank top blends practicality with sophistication.

Level of attention: Quite good   Message: Yes, I’m naked under that shirt    Price: $68.00    Seller: Monrow via Amazon.com

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2. Straight to Business Top by PattyBoutik71Q6Q6sdaBL. UX385  - 6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

A powerful and even a little frightening tank by PattyBoutik. Serves to show that you’re dead serious about whatever you’re planning to do tonight. Can be used for work, but will probably be chosen for events and nights out. Beware, wearing a shirt like that makes you seem hard to approach.

Level of attention: All of it   Message: You’ve got 5 minutes to impress me    Price: $28.99    Seller: PattyBoutik via Amazon.com

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1. The Wealthy Executive Blouse by Three Dots81UUsJ TigL. UY500  - 6 Sexy Shirts That Show Cleavage

This creation by Three Dots is an extremely elegant and neutral choice, while at the same time broadcasting your sexuality. A shirt like that has a sense of maturity about it, perfect for filtering out douchey attention during a night out. Shirts like that should probably be worn by independent, self-sustaining women who are looking to commit.

Level of attention: Still high   Message: You can approach me, but only if you’ve got something to say and offer   Price: $89.00    Seller: Three Dots via Amazon.com

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