6 Friendly Ties for Doctors

6 Friendly Ties for Doctors

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Sometimes there are ties you can wear that are somewhat specific to your profession. And being a doctor you can wear a special kind of tie to display your profession. Obviously you still want to look professional, but again if you add some fun or humor to your tie, it may add something good to your patient.

Laughter and positivity is very important in any field, but when it involves saving lives it is paramount. For that reason ties for doctors should be quite unique compared to other professionals’ ties. So if you are in the medical field, you need to make the right decision to make the right impression on your patients and colleagues.

As I stated before, your tie is allowed to be fun. But one thing you need to make sure of is that your tie is a color and not black or white. Life is sometimes too serious and in a hospital circumstances are often serious, so inject some color. You’d be surprised how much a colorful, fun, and even funny tie can do for someone who is sick.

I have listed here some great ties that you can choose from to put a smile on someone’s face today.

  • Fun is allowed: Being a doctor, you are in one of the very few professions where funny and strange ties are not frowned upon and actually often encouraged. Though a medical conference may be attended with a trendy formal tie, doing your rounds with a fun tie may actually be a great idea.
  • We like intelligence: You studied really hard to came where you are. While fun is allowed, why not use your tie to play on a pun?
  • Please, no white or black: Life is serious enough and your job sees the worst of it. There is no need to take everything in life as seriously as you take your profession.

Here are six great choices that can add just the right amount of fun to your white coat:

6. Bandage Band Aid tie Mens Doctor Necktie

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Doctors and band-aids go together like milk and porridge. Ok, well, probably not, but few things will make your patients feel better than knowing that you are very familiar with this international symbol of making everything that hurts, better. 

Level of attention: There is a doctor in the house! Message: Don’t worry, I will make you feel better. Price: Very affordable. Seller: Three Rooker via Amazon

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5. Doctor’s Sayings Black Microfiber Tie

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Have you ever noticed that there are things that doctors often say, whether they may or may not be true? Add a little fun to the consulting room by letting your tie say it instead.

Level of attention: Enough to make the mildly sick smile. Message: I can have fun, too. Price: Almost pricey. Seller: Wild Ties via Amazon

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4. Own Men’s Funny Trust Me I’m The Doctor Neckties Ties Skinny Tie

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Ok, so not all patients may love this tie quite as much as you do but your co-workers will definitely have a chuckle to cheer up a day that would otherwise only be full of syringes and complaints.

Level of attention: Up top. Message: Need we say more? Price: Average. Seller: YI Own via Amazon

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3. 100% Silk Red Caduceus Medical Doctor Necktie

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On days that you would like to be taken a little more serious but still show your support for your profession and that of your co-workers, this tie is a great option to impress.

Level of attention: Average. Message: I am a medical professional. Price: Professionalism comes at a (steep) price. Seller: Alynn via Amazon

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2. Men’s 100% Silk Escherichia E Coli II Medical Necktie

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Who doesn’t love a good inside joke? Wearing E.Coli on your tie might not get through to most of your patients but sharp co-workers may just enjoy a bit of irony.

Level of attention: From patients, no more than usual. From informed coworkers: Ha ha ha. Message: Do you get it? Price: Somewhat pricey. Seller: Infectious Awareables via Amazon.

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1. Josh Bach Men’s Heartbeat Pattern

71BZEyPQoQL. UY500  - 6 Friendly Ties for Doctors

If you are a medical professional and this is not your absolute favorite pattern in the entire world, we suggest that you transfer to the morgue. Wearing and EKG pattern on your tie spells out that you are a doctor but can also make patients feel just that little more comfortable around you.

Level of attention: At a good steady level. Message: Everything will be alright. Price: Try to keep that heart rate steady. It’s worth it. Seller: Josh Back via Amazon

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