5 Cheerful Ties That Light Up

5 Cheerful Ties That Light Up

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Often when the holidays approach everyone goes into a festive mood. With trees decked out in colorful baubles and lights, lights adorning houses in a spectacular array sometimes with music, and lights on…ties? We’ve all heard of ugly sweaters and that’s even become a holiday tradition in some families, but ties? With lights on them?

Why would anyone wear a tie with blinking lights on them? And why would someone wear a tie that plays music? Why for fun of course! What better way to spread cheer for the holidays and also for every day by what’s around your neck every day?

Your tie is a way to display your personality and what better way with musical ties, neon bright lights, and more. Well I’m here to tell you that there are many different fun ties out there to amuse your friends and yourself while showing a part of your personality. These ties are for regular occasions from dates to days at the office that will brighten your day and may even be a conversation starter.

In this article I have listed fun ties with my own opinion on how much attention you’ll receive, what message you’re sending, and where to find them.

  • Wear a light up Christmas tie to join the celebrations. Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like blinking lights do and with the choice of Christmas ties that light up, you will surely find something that you like.
  • Find a light up tie for any occasion. When it comes to light up ties, you are not limited to choosing red and green ones with Santa on it. Ties that include either LED lights or optic fiber comes in many different designs and can be used for nearly any occasion. (Although the General Annual Meeting may not be the best idea.)
  • You are not limited to light. Although a tie that light up sounds like fun, why stick to that? Ties that light up often include more electronic features such as playing music (yep, Christmas ties) and being activated by sound to turn you into the life of the party.

5.LED Sound Activated Tie

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Wow! Try not to take over all the attention wherever you go with this black tie featuring LED sound activated lights.

Level of attention: As high as it gets. Message: I am awesome like that. Price: Almost pricey but worth it. Seller: Soundlight via Amazon

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4.Light Up Neck Tie

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Change the whole look of your outfit with a LED tie that lights up to make you, not the tie, the center of attention.

Level of attention: Awesome. Message: I am the light of the party and can be the light in your life. The tie is great but the wearer is better. Price: Pricey. Seller: Neon Nightlife via Amazon

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3.Equalizer Sound Activated Light Up Tie

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Another awesome take on sound activated light up ties – this tie reacts to the sound in your environment to light just enough to get all the attention without stealing the show.

Level of attention: All of it. Message: I can get all the attention in the room without showing off about it. Price: Pricey. Seller: Electric Styles via Amazon

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2.Rainbow Piano Sound Activated LED Tie

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If ties that light up were cars, this would probably be a classic Rolls Royce of light up ties.

Level of attention: All of it. Message: I love being an individual but I also treasure the finer things in life. Price: Rolls Royces doesn’t come cheap. Seller: Wild Ties via Amazon

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1.Christmas Musical Necktie

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What would Christmas be without blinking lights and singing ties? This is the answer to cheering up everyone in the office and around the family.

Level of attention: Oh you’ll get plenty of attention. Message: Hooray! Christmas is here! Price: Pricey. Seller: Alphagamma via Amazon


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