Deep Voice is NOT What You Need to Get Laid

    Deep Voice is NOT What You Need to Get Laid

    Deep Voice

    Barry Manilow, James Earl Jones, Michael Clarke Duncan. What do these men have in common? They both have distinctly deep voices. And women find deep voices very attractive. There is even scientific evidence to back this up.

    Deeper voices in men project to women that those men have more testosterone, thus display more ‘masculine’ traits: confidence, power, and strength because the deep voices apparently indicate a larger body. You know, big strong powerful dudes. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why, but they think there is an evolutionary benefit to women who mate with larger males. Although they aren’t necessarily aware of the specific reason, how many women will deny that a deep voice makes them go weak in the knees?

    Because of this men with higher pitched voices feel the need to deepen their voices to try to attract more women, which has lead to an interesting trend of voice deepening. In this article I will explain why you don’t need to change your voice to find a mate and how there is so much more to finding someone than just the superficial things like a deeper voice.

    So, apparently, deepening your voice is a trending issue. I was honestly surprised to see how popular of a topic this was. To me it never occurred that so many guys feel insecure about the height of their voice pitch.

    How come this is such a huge topic? There could be many reasons for that, but they would all be related to women and attractiveness in one way or another. See, women actually do like deep voices. Many of them don’t know why deep voices sound attractive to them, but they intuitively feel that men with deeper voices are more confident, more powerful and stronger than their high-pitched rivals. Men that are perceived to intimidate their enemies, win their battles and protect their women.

    Deep Voice = Testosterone + Sexual Maturity

    One theory is that for thousands of years strength and physical health were the main factors of survival, and a deep voice signifies lots of testosterone (during puberty, voice chords are exposed to increased levels of testosterone, that’s when the voice pitch is formed), which, likely, means more strength (which could be used to hunt, plow the soil, build a house, etc.). Deep voice also means sexual maturity. Naturally, the deep voiced folks used to have much more to offer to their women.

    However, it’s not all about sexuality. Many women actually say that they don’t feel turned on by a deep voice. What they feel is a sense of comfort and safety. They feel as if they can fall asleep in the hands of their deep-voiced protectors, and when they wake up, they’ll be warm and safe. So if you think that putting lots of effort into deepening your voice will significantly raise your chances to bring a girl back to your house during a night out, you might want to think again.

    Is Your Voice Really The Issue?

    But hold on there for a moment. I bet that most of the guys who are feeling insecure about their voice simply want to be more attractive to women. Well, gentlemen, if that’s the case, then let me tell you: your voice is probably the least of your problems.

    A deep voice is just an indication of masculine qualities like strength and health. It’s something that is pre-written into our bodies and minds by thousands of years of evolution, yet the relevance of some of these qualities has fallen drastically. For example, physical strength has relatively little use in today’s world. What are you going to do with all the muscle that you’ve got? Pick up a few bricks and carry them around?

    Of course, physical strength is still very important for males, since it simply makes us more complete, fulfilled, healthy individuals. It makes us feel good. But it’s not that important for survival or achieving your lifetime goals (except if they’re related to fitness, of course) anymore. And, thus, they’re not that important to women, either.

    Today, strength is defined by your mental ability to cope with stress, by your ability to challenge yourself and pursue your goals. And there are far more effective ways to show a woman that you have those things. I am talking about evidence of strength and success like money, body language, respect of others or flow of conversation tell a much better story of your masculinity than just having a mysterious deep voice, which is merely a symptom of qualities that don’t even matter that much anymore. In fact, I would compare deepening your voice to be more attractive to changing the color of the car to win the race. Not quite the jackpot, is it?

    If You Do Decide to Change Your Voice

    However, if you do feel like your voice is the biggest obstacle between you and your dream lady right now, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, let’s get this straight: you can’t really change your voice to a lower one without damaging your voice chords. What you can do is develop your voice and give it a “darker” feel, and mostly that happens through learning to breathe properly. You can read more about finding your tone and developing your vocal chords in this awesome book by Robert Moore.

    Another great resource for research is this video by our brother Elliot Hulse. In the video Elliot argues that depth of the voice pitch is closely related to tension in your muscles and, once again, breathing. He also goes over his own personal voice transformation. Check it out.

    I hope this article has given you an insight that making your voice deeper is just a small piece of the puzzle, and definitely not the most important one. So, the question you need to be asking is not “How do I make my voice deeper?” but “Should I make my voice deeper?”.