4 Amazing Shirts That Change Color

4 Amazing Shirts That Change Color

In search of something...different? You've come to the right place. Here are most popular shirts that change color.

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So, you want to be that special snowflake and wear a unique shirt that changes color. Well, then, you’ve come to the right place, since we like color-changing apparel as much as you do. What you’re looking for are hypercolor shirts, which change color as a reaction to temperature changes. How it works:

  1. The regular dye is applied to the shirt and can be visible at all times.
  2. The special material that changes color when exposed to higher temperature is called thermochrome, and the one that’s used for shirts that change color is called leuco dye.
  3. Either the whole shirt can be covered with leuco dyes (usually plain, solid color shirts that change color in different areas) or a special figure/picture/text can be drawn (which only turns visible when the color changing shirt is worn)

The result? You can:

  • Surprise someone by gifting them a color changing shirt with a nasty invisible message written on it. They’ll only realise your joke after they’ve been laughed at on the street.
  • Stand out in the club with a sleek neon-color changing slim fit shirt and get all of the attention.
  • Play around with your shirt for the whole day since it’s fun to see how the color changes.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer among color changing shirts:

1. The Chick Magnet Slim Fit Neon Color Shirt by Nidicus

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Remember our guide on no tuck dress shirts? Well, this is some next level s**t right here. A Neon Color Changing Motherf*****g Slim Fit. Put this bad boy on your sexy body and get ready to experience unprecedented levels of female attraction. This piece of wardrobe can be a defining argument that will get you laid. A shirt that changes color as you get warmer on the dancefloor. What’s more to say?

Level of attention: All of it  Message: I’m sexy and I know it  Price: $33.99   Seller: Nidicus via Amazon.com

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2. Playful Colored Shirt With a Color Changing Figure by Shadow Shifter

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Another shirt from Shadow Shifter, similar to our first pick. This one, adds a little more subtlety to your appearance. It has an interesting painting around the neck area, and the whole product looks a little more playful. However, beware that the painting might seem awkward at certain temperatures. Some customers say that sometimes the painting’s color is weird and it almost seems like there’s dirt on your shirt. Apart from that, a great versatile choice for both casual wear and nights out (that neck painting is guaranteed to get you some attention in the neon club lightning).

Level of attention: Good, if the painting shows correctly Message: I’m a colorful and fun personality  Price: $24.95   Seller: Shadow Shifter via Amazon.com

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3. Simple Everyday Single Detail Color Changing Body by DeFacto


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This one’s a little different from the rest on this list since it’s not the whole shirt that is temperature-sensitive, only the pink bike silhouette in the chest/belly area. There are plenty of shirts that have different color-reactive drawings masked among permanent ones on Amazon.com. A shirt like that is quite neutral, since it already has other, permanently visible details on it, but the color changing bit adds a sprinkle of excitement.

Level of attention: A little more than usual Message: Hey, wanna see something cool?  Price: $7.99   Seller: DeFacto via Amazon.com

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4. Casual Unisex Full-body Shadow Shirt by Shadow Shifter

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A choice for those who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their simplistic casual wardrobe. The color of the shirt changes as you get warmer and comes back when you cool down. Not something you want to be wearing on a night out (well, unless you’re not planning on getting laid), but an excellent choice for casual everyday wear if you’re bored of all your plain-colored Tee’s.

Level of attention: Low Message: Nothing to see here, keep going   Price: $24.95   Seller: Shadow Shifter via Amazon.com

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